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ASUS EN6200TC512/TD/256M/A GeForce 6200TC 256M (Effective memory 512M) 64bit (Effective bandwith 128bit) GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

This GeForce 6200TC card from Asus comes with a full load of features including a DVI-I port and a D-Sub port for either a dual monitor setup or easy setup with either an analog or a digital monitor. The 256MB of memory can be boosted to an effective 512MB with TurboCache technology so you can run all of the advanced features in today`s operating systems and games. Gaming also benefits from multiple screens. Run the game on the main screen and have the Asus OSD and GameFace Messenger chat utility open on the other. Asus OSD lets you chat and manage your card's settings without having to exit the game. Overclock on the fly for maximum control of your game play experience. What, you want to watch movies? Hook your HDTV to the DVI interface. If you`d rather watch the movie on your PC, then the Splendid Video Enhancing Technology kicks in. Splendid enhances color depth and intensity delivering a cleaner, clearer picture. Asus brings you a world of colorful possibilities in the blink of an eye!